It was dark and stormy night…

It was actually a dark and stormy day but all the coolest stories open with that line and ours has officially begun.  We have officially closed the Bay Area chapter of our lives and  it is time to begin the next chapter – Viva la Mexico!

In order to accomplish the end stage of what has been a herculean task, we did the divide and conquer thing.  Jason flew down to San Jose del Cabo to pay the next couple of months rent and just in general get our little casita – I have dubbed it The Citadel, you’ll see why when we post some pics – ready for our impending arrival.  Meanwhile back in Gotham, I spent the week clearing out our apartment and on that dark and stormy Friday morning as he was boarding a plane to come back up here and get me, I informed my boss that my time with him had come to an end. I’ve been there for almost seven years so it was a tough thing to do but he wished me good luck and deep down I think we both knew that it was time for me to move onward and upward.

So here we are, camped out at my parents house, both a little shell shocked but totally excited that we have officially passed the point of no return.  My Mom and Dad have graciously offered to let us stay with them for the final staging process with the added benefit of being able to spend some concentrated time together before we take off.  Everyone is just groovin’ along and my Mom is loving having us around the house bored and all hopped up on caffeine.  We are storing a few things here and in order to make space we have effectively tasked ourselves with re-organizing everything.  The front garage is being transformed into a guesthouse and the workshop building in the back are both gonna look great by the time we are ready to leave!

Given the progress that has been made over the last few days, I am truly beginning to believe that if you gave me enough coffee, I could take over the world.








Baja Bound…

Baja Bound…

Friday, July 15, 2016 –   Departure day has FINALLY arrived. After a loooooonng Thursday of stuffing as much crap as we possibly can into the Jeep, we are ready to go!  Well, as ready as we’ll ever be anway.  The roof pouch is crammed full, the water and gas cans are secure, spare parts stowed, camping equipment and luggage stowed and the TV is about as bubble wrapped and snug as it can get.  Check, check, check. Everything else we need has already been moved to our new home.

Starting our at 4am is no fun (for me anyway, I don’t think Jason slept) but after a quick shower and some really strong coffee, we are all set.  The cat is way calmer than we are.  My parents got up to see us off and after about 20 hugs and a few choked up moments, we strapped in, took a collective deep breath and pulled out of the driveway.  What a wierd, crazy feeling.

Jason having a weird, crazy feeling

The goal for day 1 is just to get to Newport Beach. We are going to stay at a friends house (thanks Ed) so we can make the border crossing early Saturday morning and, hopefully, avoid all the weekend traffic. This has the added benefit of Jason getting to spend some time with his best friend, Ernie, who lives down the street from Ed, before we leave the country for who knows how long.

Maggie chillin at the park by Ed’s house after a long day in the car

The drive was easy and we had some time to kill before Ed finished his errands and got home so we got some lunch and had a picnic in the park. The weather was nice and we all needed to stretch our legs a bit. That about sums up day 1. We are going to have some dinner, a few beers and try to get a good nights sleep cause tomorrow is a long drive day.







Its been awhile…

Wow, it’s been two months since I last posted!  We’ve been super busy and the time has just slipped right on by.  Jason has been working his butt off and we are finally ready to go.  We had high hopes of a much earlier departure date but you know how it goes, everything takes longer and costs more than you think it will.  The to-do list looked so easy to get through but for every one thing you do, two more things pop-up.

All the mechanical work is finally done on the Jeep, YAY!, and we did our practice pack a few days ago, everything fit!  I am super glad we bought the Kanga pack for the roof because without it we would have been screwed.  Jason made some alterations to the bike rack that goes in the trailer hitch and it is now a bike/hi-lift jack/spare tire rack.  He has given me the privilege of naming it but I’m still working on something that doesn’t sound lame.  We had to buy a mount so we could move the license plate and we still need to get a spare tire cover but we are officially done outfitting.

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In the meantime, we have been spending lots of time with family and friends.  Jason’s birthday is on the same day as my sister-in-law so we took their new boat out to Lake Comanche for the day and did some tubing with the kids and just relaxed on the water.


Many a weekend has been spent just hanging out on the Delta, either at our super secret spot (no pics) or just chillin on the beach at Windmill Cove.  I think we will miss the Delta more than any other spot.

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We spent an amazing day at Mt. Diablo.  I had never been there and we always talked about going so we figured we better get it done while we still had the chance.  All I can say is WOW!  The view from the top is ridiculously cool.  You have a 360 degree view and you can see the Golden Gate Bridge in one direction and the Sierra Mountains the other direction.  We took the new binoculars and it was a clear day so you could see all the way out to the islands in the SF Bay.  Not to mention all the neat little nook picnic areas and hiking trails along the way.  Now every time I see it from a distance I think to myself “I’ve been up there”.  Definitely something worth taking the time to do if you find yourself with a free day.

Its been hard to be patient and wait for the right time to make the drive but I am glad we did because now we are super prepared for the trip down and the weather is way cooler than it was a couple of weeks ago.  We are all set for the kids to come visit and their paperwork is in order.  Hell even the cat has her “passport” and is all set to go.  Can’t wait to see my beach again.


Anyway, until departure day arrives I think that about covers it.